Its time to bring God’s treasures

Friends, we have work to do. The Lord is our strength, and He has added unto us good friends, faithful neighbors and the like.

How To Nominate

There are 3 items of business to accomplish in early 2023: Nominations for Synod President and Vice Presidents; Designate Lay Voter for President; and Designate Pastoral Voter for President.

Matt Harrison’s Accomplishments

President Harrison has worked hard for the past 13 years to guide the Missouri Synod to faithfully proclaim and live out the truth of God’s Word.

What to Expect From Another Harrison Term

Jesus’ words establish all our priorities: “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost” (Luke 19:10). We have much to expect and there is much to do.

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  • We Can Trust President Harrison to Lead the Charge

    We Can Trust President Harrison to Lead the Charge

    We need a Synod President capable of standing up to these pressures in our Concordias, our high schools, our day schools, our congregations, and our families. After listening to President Harrison in his own words, I’m convinced the best guy for the job is the guy who currently holds it.

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